i know my blog is getting boring

because i haven't been writing casual thoughts and updates in my own words.

I was busy with the TVB contract issue before as you all knew. The result of it is still unclear. I sent them a letter to terminate our contract unilaterally, stating a few incidents that they breached the terms of our contract. They sent back a letter two weeks ago to deny all those incidents. Their action was expected. I planned not to go after them for a while because legal fee is quite costly. Not until they sue me for breaching contract term by accepting jobs on my own, I would not make the next move.
敵不動,我不動。Although I don't think they will make this legal move unless the amount in damage claim for them has reached a certain remarkable level.

I've been busy writing for my book which will be published in May 2008. This puts a lot of pressure on me indeed, because I know my 文筆 is still in elementary level, and the only way to improve is to read more and more. I am pushing myself to read from various writers every day to try to learn from their styles and word choice.
This site is provided by my best friend in Boston, quite helpful: REVIEW: ON WRITING
Will head to page one today to get a copy and also a copy of THIS book.

so... yea... that's about me recently.
will share more thoughts here after I submit my Sudden Weekly article for this week.


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Just a comment to express my sympathy to the struggles between you and t^b, I understand how challenging it is when something like this happens in your career life. I am sure this is just a temporary setback, and i believe you will back in the saddle again very soon.

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DC 說...

加油! :)

米生 說...

How much can you possibly know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? ~ Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Always support!

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billy 說...

forget about it Erica. you will not sue a dog if it bark you. right?
大人不記小人過. something big in size doesn't mean it is 大人.
you will be more happy and relex.

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U know what u are u doing ! And ...i know your blog is getting riches

i am living in HK

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Dear Erica,

I won’t comment on your writing, because it is free and I don’t even consider it entertainment. What I do want is to share my opinion on your relationship with TVB. A spoiled brat like you wants everything your way. It has always been about You You You your whole life. Everything was given to you for free and you took it for granted. Now that you have entered the “real world”, you realized how much you really suck. No one has to buy into your bullshit, no one gives a crap for your daddy’s bank account. Either offer something valuable or get fuxk out. Welcome to the real world.

I guess you can’t arrive to work in your daddy’s boat anymore ah?

You expressed your hatred toward TVB because you didn’t succeed within this organization. You didn’t complain about TVB when you were having fun at first, why complain AFTER you have failed? Sour Grapes.

Your so-called “casual thoughts” aren’t anything to be proud of either. Looking down on men you have dated...sharing your experience bullying classmates in High School...yeah...first class entertaining, want a cookie?

You said your “文筆 is still in elementary level”. You got that right. Wait, weren’t you the one that criticized Stephy’s limited education the other day? Someone that has way more accomplishments than you ever did (with less education too). Now that you realized success doesn’t come easy you want to sound humble? I guess trash talking doesn’t work as well as it once did back in high school ah?

Don’t you find it a little too late to start reading up on how to write better NOW? You are hired to write a freakin book and you JUST realized today that you couldn’t write crap? You no talent fool!!

Erica, you are pathetic. Everyday people are laughing behind your back.

Stranger from America

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Never was an ethical person.


丹撩 說...

一個 blog 是否悶,還要看寫的人如何寫,或想寫什麼,你的 blog 說悶不是悶,而是膠.你自己認為很有才華的事其實是一堆膠,而看你的blog的眾多回應中,反而看blog的大不乏非凡之輩,但卻感受不到你是個會聽意見的人.

(以上說非凡之輩並不包括 Daniel,敬請注意)

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bille 說...

你個tvb blog 又update o左喇
仲有video tim

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Dear Erica,

You unilaterally cancelled your contract with TVB, yet you continued to use their blog and resources to promote yourself. This not only reflects how selfish you are, it also tells us how STUPID you are.

By using their blog and resources, you are implying that they are still employed by YOU as a promoter, and the contractual relationship is still binding. Good way to ruin any future case in court. What a fool! Get a new lawyer.

You don’t want anything to do with TVB, you bash on TVB everyday, yet you still use their resources to promote yourself. How selfish!

敵不動,我不動? Hahaha. This coming out of a brainless fool.

Stranger from America

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I read this Stephen King book when i was in university. The book will put you into a good perspective as writer.

But are you writing an English book? Some points from King's book may not apply to writing Chinese.

If you're writing a book in Chinese, I suggest you start writing your blog post in Chinese, so that ppl can give you critiques.


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搞是搞非, 踩人出風頭, 無記雪得好合理, 我反而覺得無記雪得太遲.
無記雪就反面要解約,之後, 佢就不斷攻擊無記, 反轉豬肚就係X.

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You wouldn't want to marry a girl like her, thats for sure.

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If your blog was limited expression by yourself then your blog would be truly getting boring.

Don't think too much on other people talking. Just do it by your own style.

Christina 說...

Hey Erica,

I'm addicted to your blog lately. I understand that it must be a stressful situation for you to go through with TVB. Anyway, just let it be. I think TVB is shocked that you have the gut to terminate the contract.

With regards to your book, are you going to publish it in English or Chinese? Just a thought. I realized that 'The TIMES' magazine is extremely useful. I learned a lot of vocabulary through read the TIMES magazine. Also, 'THE TIMES' magazine addresses many aspects in society and daily lives. Therefore, I'd highly recommend you to subscribe to the magazine.

Anyway, take care.

Christina 說...

To 'Stranger from America',

Afterall, it's still Erica's blog. She has the right to express her opinion. If you have so much hatred about her, why don't you just open a blog and bitch about her.

I think we should respect the author in the blog. There're so many rappers writing about their abusive lives in the childhood. They're not there to gain empathy or anything. They just wanna express their thoughts about their upbringings. I don't think Erica is intended to brag about anything.

Your previous comment makes me think that you are jealous of her wealth. You don't even know her personally, how can you judge her as a spoit brat. I think you're just a loser in society who wanna critise others in order to gain your self-esteem.

So who is the biggest loser in here? It's You, 'Stranger from America'. And please get that straight !


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Dear Christina,

Yup you got that right. Whatever my intentions are, I am not the one writing a blog about it am I? Her blog is all about her personal opinion? No shit ah? How long did it take you to figure that one out?

I am not the only person criticizing her blog, you choose to reply to me because I am better at it. I take that as a compliment.

What makes you think I don’t know Erica in real life? You speak as if you’ve got the world all figured out. The fact is, you don’t know if I know Erica personally, so why even make that assumption?

Go read your TIMES magazine. Thats where your face belongs.

Stranger from America

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挖陷坑的、自己必掉在其中.輥石頭的、石頭必反輥在他身上(箴 26:27)。

有人攻勝孤身一人、若有二人便能敵擋他.三股合成的繩子、不容易折斷(傳 4:12)。


Christina 說...

To 'Stranger from America',

Yes, you should be proud that I'm replying you because you're 'better' (worse) than other losers. Yes, I've got my life figured out and I'm proud of it.

You know what, the way how you talk, it makes me think that you're an insecured person. You probably didn't have a good childhood or upbringing huh. So all you do is to jealous about other people's wealth or critize others to make yourself 'feel better'.

Instead of criticising others, why don't you go and do something more positive. I feel so sad that you have so much hatred in a person's life. Ultimately, I don't think you'll ever be happy in your life and society will be so much better without you !

Oh well, this is the last time I am going to talk to you. So Farewell................ L.O.S.E.R !!!

Erica 說...

thanks for your caring, from deep down in my heart.
i feel that i've owed all of you who have fought back for me.
this stranger from america doesn't worth our attention. i think he has some mental problem to deal with himself.
don't be angry with this nobody who doesn't even dare to expose his identity.

just let him bark here.


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You are not good either. You are laughing at someone who may have had a miserable childhood or upbringing.

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獨孤九劍的含義! 救命!

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True, Erica does not stand a chance compared to other beautiful (natural beauty) and talented actresses that TVB has. Ms. Lok, Ms. Tsang, and Mr. Chan, please get rid of Erica! She is a horrible actress and her talents are limited! It wouldn't be a loss to lose her because she was non-existent @ TVB.

9 years old 說...

^_^ do anything you want,just be happy,your fans will support you..


just...a advice to people who place negative comments here..

when a person is meeting with a diffculty or feeling down..

make matters worst by adding oil to fire..
such as giving insulting remarks..


you should try and help the person in times of diffculty..if she gets to suceed again one day..those that insult or look down on her would get double on what they had done..

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Reader friendly please!

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Fans or Friends?

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How come your english is that bad.
Your english article is poorly expressed.