oh no~~ Schedule's changed! I'll be heading to China for shooting tmr (x'mas day!)
Guess you guys won't be free to farewell me @ the airport =::(
I'll be back on the 31st night if schedule doesn't change.
Will keep you guys updated in this blog~
See you!
Have a merry merry merry x'mas! =)


21st December (Wed) 7:00pm 笑口常開~~
just finished reading... totally changed my eating habit! Highly recommend to those who want to live healthier and happier! Posted by Picasa


I finished the whole crab... It only costed SG$30!! Posted by Picasa
Just came back from Singapore for a short vacation. I really miss the sunny weather there! See what I saw there? It's amazingly Beautiful! I had a lot of fun sunbathing, wakeboarding, and non-stop eating... (oh i miss the Butter Crab So Much!!) Back to work... Will be doing Yu Lok Jik Bo on Monday~ Posted by Picasa



In case you missed it last time
24:15 康泰港姐沙巴.新加坡親善之旅



This week's 壹週刊~~~
Thanks to photographer 權哥!! I think I look much younger in these pix Posted by Picasa


二零零五年十一月十六日(星期三) 7:00pm 康泰港姐沙巴.新加坡親善之旅
revising acting notes from the acting class I took in uni... busy analysing script and exploring way to act... Posted by Picasa




ok, here's some updates of myself rather than endless programs/functions updates.
It wasn't a busy week as I'm still waiting for drama to start. I'm just relaxing at home, reading books, listening to music, and practising my lines in the drama scripts.
To be honest, I'm really excited but at the same time quite nervous about the shooting, as I haven't done acting for so long, and that I had not received any professional acting training except for taking Acting 101 in college.
Guess it's time to discuss more on my drama charater with the producer~




Hello Halloween Function @ apm Posted by Picasa


Roadshow @ Ma On Shan ("Sun Kong City") Posted by Picasa


怪物Premier, with my dear friend Sukie (in McDonald's TVC)
Great movie!! One of the best HK films I saw this year!!
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I'm also on today's 娛樂直播 i was told to host it this morning.
Thanks for coming to Hello Halloween event~ It's great to see you guys again!


I'm back! two days ago...
yea i know i looked kinda tired in Friday's program as i couldn't sleep well; little bit jet lag.
also i was busy moving (yea i've moved)... will get better soon~
Since my internet hasn't set up at my new house yet; i won't be able to reply to emails and write blog for a few days...
From what i know of now, I'll be doing 娛樂快訊 on Monday; and again 娛樂七日鮮 on Friday. Also, TVB Pearl's halloween party on the 26th @ APM.


i'm urgently leaving Hong Kong due to personal matter.
will be back in Thur night @7pm. will continue my program in Fri night... also the drama worship ceremony will take place on fri afternoon.

Kitty's back! Can't wait to see her again~~~


Tonight's 娛樂七日鮮.
All time highest rate for this program... some said because I didn't wear my jacket (?) <-_-! It was oversize... producer asked me to take it off...)



=) Posted by Picasa


my look in drama 匯通天下~~ Posted by Picasa


Fans celebrating my birthday on the 25th!! Big Thanks to everyone who joined the party and to those who wanted to join but couldn't!! Special thanks to the organizers who planned the event thoroughly, thoughtfully, and efficiently! It's such a memorable day as I've never imagine, in the first place, to have fans (as i never thought of becomoing a celebrity); and secondly, to have so many Sweet fans. You guys are great! I enjoyed my time very very much~~ THANKS x 99999 Love you all! Posted by Picasa


shooting for Pearl Halloween Promo... like my look? I was driving a BMW330 Convertible in Tai Po!! How cool!! I really miss driving and I really want to have my own car in HK too~ =::( Watched/Missed my live show this afternoon (Thur)? It's on now.com.hk~  Posted by Picasa


Please watch...




drinking in Singapore... Posted by Picasa
hi every one~ I'm back~~ on tue night; but didn't have a chance to update up guys as i've been busy moving, shooting, and screening until now. There're some upcoming jobs... I'll update again once they're confirmed.

Sabah is much more than what i expected at first: its underwater world, ecological-modelled forest, versatile and luxurious resort with on-site golf course and horse-back riding, well-executed environmental protection policy, excellent air quality, etc. We also helped out at a children's home and raised fund for them thru a charity dinner...

It was my third time visiting the ever-changing Singapore. It surprised me with its new attractions such as its Chinatown museum, G-MAX (like a reverse bungy jump), its most delicious crab meal at Da Pai Dong, night/bar/club scenes, artificial beach that has 8+ beach volleyball courts!! I had such a good time there; tho bad news is that you guys won't be able to see how fun they are until program broadcast in early December! =)

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hi every one~
I'm @ the business center in Sentosa, Singapore now~
Shooting has been really fun yet also agressive as we're getting average 3-4 hour of sleep every day.
lemme update you guys more when i get back... need to start shooting again~


dear fans:
Departing to Malaysia and Singapore on the 4th, returning on the 13th at 11pm (no need to wait for me as it's tooo late!)

I'll be at Malaysian Airlines counter at around 1:00pm (call time: 1:30pm); thought we could spend half an hour together~

see you guys tmr~


- went to screen test @ tvb; trying for Cantonese program hosting
- tried on many many pretty bikinissss for our coming Goodwill trip
- sunbathed and swam @ beach (again!) but i'm quite sure there's no reporters around
- dined with the rest of the girls and staff; it's always nice to see them again~!

- had lunch with ex-colleagues and visited almost every floor that i worked before... took 5 hours to finish "washing" pccw tower~

it's good to be back in office environment again, as i've totally lost the taste of it in just three months of MHK training.


All Miss Hong Kong 2005 programs are now Available on www.now.com.hk (Netvigator Users Only)

NETVIGATOR ICQ--Download it! It's fun!


Erica's MSN:erica.mhk18@hotmail.com
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currently listening to Eugene Yip. TWO THUMBS UP! He's my 師弟 in secondary school. Posted by Picasa

It's been a week since my last update~
busy meeting up with family and friends...!

I had screening (casting) with tvb last friday (sorry didn't tell you guys as i wanted to concentrate on it, plus, i had to rush to dinner afterwards...), i dunno how i did (didn't watch playback) but hope it went well!

Went to practice golf on sat, then vball on sunday... now my muscles are all sore -_-!

a few things to clarify:

- i didn't sign 藝員contract with tvb... the contract that i'm having with them is 港姐contract, which was automically in effect when I won the Toursim Ambassador Award in July.

- re: Next Magazine cover story... it was my Brother (real brother) who went to beach with me...! And the two strangers... I thought they were reporters..! (turned out they're not and there're hidden ones.) Also the guy I met on the street was my dance partner in final (opening dance)... sigh... but don't worry... i think the article wasn't too bad.

- re: about me and chui chui... no way that we hate each other as we were roomates throughout the outport trip. we used to chat for an entire hour before we went to bed every night, despite we didn't have much time to sleep (4-5 hours.) We discussed on solutions of each others' problems and exchanged thoughts on various topics all the time! She also taught me a lot on dealing with people.

pic: long hair Ca with my beloved Fat Cat (2003)


Hong Tai Prize Presentation today...
First time to wear Qi Pao... but I won't show the whole picture as you'll have to watch it in Hong Thai Ad. Magazine in TV later.
I'll be heading to Singapore and Malaysia for Goodwill trip in early Sept, with the other 5 MHK winners~

See the big pimple on my forehead? Cuz' I'm having too much chips and chocolate! Thanks to Chloe and Carol, my friends, and family who bought me the chips and snacks to celebrate once I win (altho I didn't... ) They now sit at my house like a sand dune....

Hope weather will get better so that I can go to beach!!! (well... we've been to a lot of nice beaches during outport trip but didn't really take the time to relax...) Want to get a little tan again~

I'm cutting my hair short soon...

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Dream... Posted by Picasa
Nightgown... Posted by Picasa
Swimsuit~~ Posted by Picasa
opening... Posted by Picasa