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currently listening to Eugene Yip. TWO THUMBS UP! He's my 師弟 in secondary school. Posted by Picasa

It's been a week since my last update~
busy meeting up with family and friends...!

I had screening (casting) with tvb last friday (sorry didn't tell you guys as i wanted to concentrate on it, plus, i had to rush to dinner afterwards...), i dunno how i did (didn't watch playback) but hope it went well!

Went to practice golf on sat, then vball on sunday... now my muscles are all sore -_-!

a few things to clarify:

- i didn't sign 藝員contract with tvb... the contract that i'm having with them is 港姐contract, which was automically in effect when I won the Toursim Ambassador Award in July.

- re: Next Magazine cover story... it was my Brother (real brother) who went to beach with me...! And the two strangers... I thought they were reporters..! (turned out they're not and there're hidden ones.) Also the guy I met on the street was my dance partner in final (opening dance)... sigh... but don't worry... i think the article wasn't too bad.

- re: about me and chui chui... no way that we hate each other as we were roomates throughout the outport trip. we used to chat for an entire hour before we went to bed every night, despite we didn't have much time to sleep (4-5 hours.) We discussed on solutions of each others' problems and exchanged thoughts on various topics all the time! She also taught me a lot on dealing with people.

pic: long hair Ca with my beloved Fat Cat (2003)


Hong Tai Prize Presentation today...
First time to wear Qi Pao... but I won't show the whole picture as you'll have to watch it in Hong Thai Ad. Magazine in TV later.
I'll be heading to Singapore and Malaysia for Goodwill trip in early Sept, with the other 5 MHK winners~

See the big pimple on my forehead? Cuz' I'm having too much chips and chocolate! Thanks to Chloe and Carol, my friends, and family who bought me the chips and snacks to celebrate once I win (altho I didn't... ) They now sit at my house like a sand dune....

Hope weather will get better so that I can go to beach!!! (well... we've been to a lot of nice beaches during outport trip but didn't really take the time to relax...) Want to get a little tan again~

I'm cutting my hair short soon...

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Dearest all supporters of mine,

Sorry for the bad news last night. I hope the result didn??t disappoint you too badly!

I already gave my best shot last night in terms of appearance and intelligence. Thanks to my make-up artist, hairstylist, and costume designer to make me look gorgeous; I answered questions to show my knowledge in HK politicians and international news; I danced with confidence and gained a lot of cheers.

Most importantly, I heard a lot of audiences were shouting for my number, 18, during champion announcement; earned a lot of compliments from the rest of the girls, press, staff and crew; and read a lot of supporting messages in various forums. The satisfaction that I get from knowing that I'm the winner in many people's minds surpasses the result in reality, really.

I already won the experience and friendship in the past 3 months.

Also want to tell you guys that I'm OK, and I'll be doing my jobs as a Tourism Ambassador in the coming year.

Congrats to both my best friends Sharon and Shermon! To my most creative and humorous buddy Lilly, she did Great in Lara Croft and Q&A as I am sure all people who watched MHK2005 will remember her!

Thanks for watching Miss Hong Kong 2005. Hope you all enjoyed the show!

#18 Erica Yuen


not feeling well today either... taking medi... hope i'll get well before final! Posted by Picasa


met the five judges today...
unofortunately i had temperature (Faat Siu) before meeting them ( as tvb and hotel's air conditioners are way over-cooled, esp. in dance room and shooting station...)
but i think it didn't affect my performance too badly as it took only a few minutes for the interview.
they asked a wide range of questions and i had many rounds of q&a back and forth in three languages with them~
Hope it's a good sign!

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training and rehearsing every day... not much to update

info from TVB:
匯應通熱線: 90030920 - 投票時間: 8月11日晚上7時30分至8月20日港姐決賽當晚節目內 - 家庭觀眾透過匯應通熱線, 選出自己心目中的冠軍佳麗 - 每次投票, 電訊公司會收取一元服務費,


- 每晚《東張西望》節目內, 會公佈五位得票最高佳麗名單, 排名不分先後 - 每日將抽出一位曾成功參與投票之觀眾, 獲得【流行皮具專門店禮券總值 $5,000】, 得獎名單於當晚《東張西望》節目內公佈 - 8月20日晚港姐決賽後, 將抽出兩位曾投選冠軍佳麗之觀眾, 各獲得名貴禮品一份, 得獎名單於《東張西望》或其他節目內公佈, 詳情請留意有關報導 Posted by Picasa


Hi All~~ Hope everyone's doing great! Yesterday we went to 仁?堂老人院to visit the eldery~ We had a lot of fun as a lot of them are very active and funny~ We could feel that they're really happy about our visit. Some of them could spell out our names and numbers as they claimed they've been watching out program from the beginning! That's really really sweet of them~~

Some updates about our schedule, voting, and tv program: 匯應通 will start tmr at 7:30pm by calling 9003-0920. More details will be announced later.

We're performing at Chiu Siu Fung's concert tmr night~ It won't be a good time to meet as we'll be staying in the coliseum the whole time... Good news is that we're showing another tv program on Jade on Sat night @ 9:00pm~ Don't miss it~~ Posted by Picasa


Thanks for all of your support~ especially those who stood outside and waited for me for a long time... Sorry that sometimes we couldn't take pix/autographs while we're walking/waiting as it'd be chaotic if 20 girls are all seperated. hope you guys could understand~

Also thanks for the emotional support for those who couldn't be there.

Attached is what I've been distributing throughout the day; it has the pix I took in South Asia along with my self-written captions and a little pic of myself! Hope you guys like it~

Congrats to Chui Chui (Again~~) for getting the Most-favourited Miss Oi Sum today!! Indeed the official Ms. Oi Sum will be given in final; today one's like a heat~

We'll do more shootings and start rehearsing now; probably won't participate in public event too often from now on.... Though I'll still keep you guys updated from time to time~~~ =) Posted by Picasa


Went to harbour city today for a watch sponsor event~
Janice's fantastic presentation skill and clever idea was impressive! She has all reasons to win the prize. Congrats Congrats!!!


Thanks for supporting~ I know a lot of you have been visiting this site from time to time~
We have not much to do in terms of public/press events; but we're busy fitting (trying on Really Really pretty clothes for final) and grooming training with at least 3.5" heels.

Our next public appearence would be
1) Some watch sponsor event at Harbour City on Saturday at 3pm
2) another Photo Exhibition from South Asia trip.
Sunday, Olympian City at 3pm. We'll be distributing forms to vote for 完美愛心小姐, which will be announced in final.

To my fans: Please note that I expect None of you to cheat in voting, meaning to get 3,000 forms to vote for me by filling friends/family info in the voter field. Cuz the result will be meaningless otherwise...
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Came back from Foshan last night; completed exhausted as I wasn't feeling well the whole day.
But I did manage to perform to my standard during the Spa Ambassador contest.
Here's what I did!

道具﹕一杯水﹐音樂 (世間始終你好, 886﹐淑女)


Erica 說(扮老伯伯): 耍元太極﹐浸番o下先!


Erica 唱﹕論武功 俗世中不知邊個高 或者 絕招同途異路


Erica (扮小女孩)說: 我要一邊浸﹐一邊唱Fiona姐姐既歌~


Erica 唱﹕假如遇上大細路 假如像套無間道 假如伴你慢慢吃芭夫 感覺像吃粥


Erica 說: 淑女要有完美既肌膚﹐更係要浸o下啦~


Erica 唱﹕淑女形象只應該冷艷 所愛所要所有 莫說今宵永久的等那明天


Erica 說﹕無論大細男女老少﹐浸一浸天然既溫泉都精神爽利﹐o甘就可以盡情發揮自我啦! 你仲o吾快D試o下?

Haha, I think I had a lot of fun performing it~
audience are surprised; i heard a lot of laughters~

A lot of us did extremely well!
I was impressed by Carmen's and Shermon's as their charms got audience's full attention and participation.

Congrats to Camille! Her consistent and calm performance lead her to championship this time.

Might take a sick leave today... I'm feeling dizzy *_*