Met Mr. HK Rocky @ TVB this morning and all of us couldn't help to take pictures with him~ His hands are HUGE! (Look @ the size of it on my shoulder!) We went to take some really nice pictures at Gold Coast today~ We all dressed up in night gown =) But I decided not to post it until it's printed in TVB Weekly next week.

Forgot to update my schedule!
Tmr (SAT) : attend out sponsor, 雪完美 event at 2 @ Kowloon Shang-gri-la Hotel
Sun: Heading to 佛山for 溫泉文化大使contest, another official award given by sponsor.
We're gonna promote 溫泉in a creative way (designed by our own)... and i'm gonna do something really funny~ ~ Posted by Picasa


Erica currently reading...
Mr. Lai is my idol and role model~ Posted by Picasa


I'm trying to take lots of lots of pictures of all 19 girls, staff and crew to make a photo book!

Busy organizing and retouching them at the moment~


Shooting at Park Island.
Such a nice apartment complex! With all sort of facilities and beautiful sunset view across "Tsing Ma Bridge."

Wore swimsuit again~ Thanks god I'm getting skinnier!
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Attended Mr. HK Live Show tonight!
Great show actually, don't you guys think?
I favored #16 as he always smiles =)
Best Performer I think is #14, esp in his Q&A session.
But without a doubt that #2 is typical "White Horse Prince."

Also talked to Ms. Kate Tsui during the break. Her advice was very helpful indeed~
Sometimes I worry that I don't look/feel like a Miss Hong Kong; but she told us to just be ourselves and let our charater glows~
Thousand Thanks to Kate~


My pick of Mr. HK: #13 due to his all-rounded nature in terms of appearence, figure, confidence, and "eye" language. He ended up won the MHK's most favourite Mr. HK award today. however, it doesn't have any impact to the final result in tmr's contest. Hope he'll do well! And truely hope that all of them will speak and present themselves confidently to make a good show tmr!

We went to Tsing Yi City to raise fund for Unicef by selling Sasa's products today. 20 of us raised $60,000+ in an hour! Not bad huh?
Also my dearest roomate #8 Chui Chui won the Best Smile and Service Award granted by SaSa today. CONGRATS TO HER!! She has all reasons to win this today as she did not only present her friendliness to the donors, but she also thought of a trick to raise more fund- set up a bid by our signed poster! It helped to raise $10,500 extra!

went to mongkok to get Takoyaki right after. It was Good! comparable to those in East Village, New York!

I miss New york...

Like my look today? I think I look very Handsome here! Posted by Picasa
Went to SaSa's product's and selling skill training today and discovered some of their products are just great! Hopefully we could raise more more more fund for Unicef tmr!

Fans and Friends: Please support!!
understand that it's a perfect time for you guys to take pix; but pls allow more time and space for us to raise fund too~!

Upcoming schedule:
Watch Mr. Hong Kong Final @ TVB in Sunday Night
Whole day Shooting in Ma Wan on Mon.


Hair style that i like the most Posted by Picasa

TVB Programs + BBS + Events Details

Some updates~

1)TVB Program Episodes:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=185O7X27 (Sport Group)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=19SO32VU (Modelling Group)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18HXUOK1 (Singing Group

)http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18DZXIWM (Dance Group)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=182Q2MF1 (Acting Group)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=22NLUGHT (Sri Lanka Episode 1)

2)BBS--- pls go and leave a msg~

Thanks to Erica and Kammy for setting them up!



3) Upcoming Events

- Tomorrow @ Tsing Yi City in early afternoon (will confirm exact timeonce i get my schedule)

- Mr. Hong Kong Final on Sunday @ TVB (we need to watch them!)


Tourism Ambassador Script Posted by Picasa
We went to Jiang Men 3 days ago for our Tourism Ambassador Contest, sponsored by Hong Tai.

Each of us random picked a Guang Dong local delicacy last week and given an hour to write the presentation format and content right away. Content has to include a corresponding HK delicacy to promote tourism for HK/GD.

Kung Fu Tea was my topic and I related it to "Stocking Milk Tea" of "Dai Pai Dong"; at the same time asked audience to help protecting the discontinuing Dai Pai Dong due to licence invalidity issue.

We competed by giving a minute-long presentation in front of 4 judges: CEO of Hong Tai, two mayors of JiangMen, and Queenie Chu, the Tourism Ambassador 2004.

And guess what...

I had mixed feelings to the result, as it was really a cumulative effort of all of us to make the good show, and that they should be given their credits as well.
Special Thanks to Queenie as she kept her wonderful smile during my speech; it really calmed me down and powered me up!

About the recent news in paper, unfortunately, some headlines might not sound; but reports usually helped to explain my embarassing moments positively and accurately.

I'll keep it up~

Tourism Ambassador Night; my object: Kung Fu Tea Posted by Picasa


I'm back from our outport trip on the 28th!
There are just too much to update from the trip; you may check out the sites below for more details and our pictures:

We slept average 4 hrs every night for two weeks, but at the same time needed to pay attention to 15+ press members at all times. Other than the usual "beauty" shootings, they did a series of ad hoc projects to test on our leadership, communication skill, personality, and popularities among the girls. I did my best and hope it'll turn out well. The outport trip program will broadcast starting from 19th July for two weeks; two times a week, half an hour each.

I haven't really thought of it as a contest; just trying to do my best each day in training, helping others, meeting and talking to press and staff.

Will try to be true to myself; yet willing to change or keep quiet at adverse situations, as long as it doesn't hit my bottom line in my own principles of living.

Heading to somewhere in Guangdong province from 9-11th of July to compete for our first prize this year: Tourism Ambassador

Wish me good luck!