My pick of Mr. HK: #13 due to his all-rounded nature in terms of appearence, figure, confidence, and "eye" language. He ended up won the MHK's most favourite Mr. HK award today. however, it doesn't have any impact to the final result in tmr's contest. Hope he'll do well! And truely hope that all of them will speak and present themselves confidently to make a good show tmr!

We went to Tsing Yi City to raise fund for Unicef by selling Sasa's products today. 20 of us raised $60,000+ in an hour! Not bad huh?
Also my dearest roomate #8 Chui Chui won the Best Smile and Service Award granted by SaSa today. CONGRATS TO HER!! She has all reasons to win this today as she did not only present her friendliness to the donors, but she also thought of a trick to raise more fund- set up a bid by our signed poster! It helped to raise $10,500 extra!

went to mongkok to get Takoyaki right after. It was Good! comparable to those in East Village, New York!

I miss New york...